Safety concerns increase for those dating trans people, bullying causes more pressure on couples

Lia Becker, Reporter

We are all taught that accepting people’s differences and loving one another is important, but when people love someone different from the what is normal they get hate. This must come to an end now.

The trans community is one of the more well-known groups among the LGBT+ community, with a growing amount of support despite the fact many still disagree with the choices made for many to accept their own identity.

Though, with the consolation and encouragement directed towards trans men and women, many appear to forget or simply not acknowledge those with transgender partners and the humiliation they face.

In August, a man in Philadelphia, Maurice Willoughby, committed suicide due to the bullying he faced in a viral video released on Twitter where he is filmed and followed by a group of teenagers who mocked him for being in a relationship with a transgender woman, Faith Palmer.

According to “Them”, one of the more popular news sites that covered this tragedy, Willoughby’s death was a drug overdose after Palmer had left him as she said he claimed he would take both of their lives. This is devastating.

Many have spoken up and have said their regards and sorrows for Palmer and those affected, though there’s not much said about those who pushed Willoughby to commit suicide.

This is one of the countless incidents where harassment and transphobia is present, and it simply shows there’s so much more we will have to do until we can be ourselves and love whoever we want. We have come so far, but it’s still evident that’s not enough to keep a man from taking his own life.

Why do some feel the need to ridicule and shame those who just want to be in love or be themselves when it’s not a crime.
Countless LGBT+ members and those involved have simply asked to be respected or, at least, left alone. After all, it shouldn’t be difficult for one to mind their own business as it’s slightly similar to ignoring the needs of those included in the LGBT+ community before they received countless supporters to help them.

All in all, people should keep to themselves. There’s no point in ridiculing someone for making a practically harmless decision about what or who they love, when it doesn’t affect anyone else.