America needs gun control

Zero change happening to prevent life lost to gun violence


Mariam Zahid, Section Editor

Day after day, the media goes into a frenzy after news of yet another shooting. These tragedies spark debates that fall on deaf ears across the nation.

In 2018, there has been over 307 mass shootings in America. Even with the huge threat firearms pose to our safety, it seems that the Second Amendment will remain unchanged and unregulated for awhile. Since a large portion of our population is dead set on keeping their guns, there needs to be more restrictions on who can purchase them and in what places they can be used.

While everyone has an equal right to own a gun, there needs to be thorough background checks for every person. People who have a history of violent crimes or drug abuse are already banned from purchasing a firearm, but the restrictions on individuals with mental health issues is vague at best.

Giffords Law Center states that dangerously mentally ill people are prohibited from possessing firearms. The issue with this is that many mental issues go undiagnosed and slip under the radar.

Individuals on the terror watch list attempted to buy guns 2,477 times between 2004 and 2014, and 91 percent went through because they didn’t fall into the banned categories. That is 2,265 people who were able to purchase guns when they shouldn’t have been allowed to.

The epidemic of mass shootings is partially the fault of the loose and unclear restrictions on gun purchases, but it is too often thrown onto regular people struggling with mental issues. This bad image is only fueled by politicians pointing fingers at anyone but themselves, even though they have the power to change laws.

The blame cannot fall only on people with mental illnesses, who are already stigmatized and misunderstood. It’s true that many of those who committed shootings were in some way mentally disturbed, but in the end, the responsibility falls onto those who sell guns to do their job properly.

In some parts of America, it’s possible, and even easy, to obtain an AR-15. This particular rifle has been used frequently in mass shootings, such as the Parkland shooting. In mere minutes, these machines are able to kill or injure hundreds. In some states, it’s legal to purchase this firearm without fingerprinting, permits or waiting periods.

Our restrictions on guns need to be tightened. The violence caused by loose regulations affect every person. Average citizens and children can- and have- been murdered in broad daylight due to lawmakers’ carelessness.
The fear of possibly dying by a bullet should never be on the minds of people everywhere.

If guns are going to stay, we need to take every precaution to ensure they never end up in the wrong hands. No one deserves to be killed in supposedly safe place.

There is only talk and never any action. When children and innocent people die after each shooting, we cry, pray and talk until the buzz eventually dies down. If we want to live in a better and safer environment, then we must act. It’s up to us to call and force our representative to enforce gun control.