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CREW gets new time in 2019-20 schedule

Mackenzie Sullivan, Reporter

April 19, 2019

As students return to school in the fall, they will be faced with more than just a new principal. CREW (Creating Responsible, Educated and Well-Balanced Students) will no longer be at the end of the day but will be after second...

Lifestyle has less impact than most think

Alyssa Williams, Reporter

April 19, 2019

Student lifestyles are easy for most to spot. Whether a person is super involved in school activities, is an athlete, has a job or is simply someone who gets to go home at the end of the school day, being on one’s phone is something...

Phones take over, generation finds itself addicted, anxiety filled

Mariam Zahid and Alondra Soltero Bravo

April 19, 2019

It’s not an uncommon occurrence for a student to check their phone seven times in 10 minutes, have their teacher notice and get it taken away from them. It’s in the moments after that, the moments away from their phone that...

District’s laptop choice causes frustration

Mariam Zahid, Section Editor

April 19, 2019

As the end of the school year approaches, many teachers and students ask themselves if the laptops they received from the district are worth it. Since last year, Advanced Placement (AP) and Urban Agriculture Academy (Ag) students...

Senior creates Karen-English alphabet book, to be distributed to OPS elementary schools

Adri Martinez, Editor in Chief

April 19, 2019

With a goal of teaching young children Karen, senior Saw Htoo has created a children’s alphabet book filled with colorful imagery and Karen and English translations. The book started as an assignment from Educators Rising coordinator...

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