‘Man up’ mentality sexist, damaging

Alexis Hernandez Silva, Reporter

Emotions are hard to handle for both genders, but when it comes down to helping one, the focus is always women. Guys are told to “man up”, ignoring the fact that they have emotions and go through emotional pain and stress.

I hate that I bury my true emotions from people I care about just because they won’t listen or understand me. I want to express my feelings without getting called “soft.” I deserve a chance to be heard and not shut out by a society that says guys are supposed to be manly and not sensitive.

Men have a hard time talking about their feelings due to pride or judgement from family and friends. Sometimes they hold back on what they want to say just to avoid making things worse. I know this because I do it. I do it because I’m scared people won’t like me afterwards.

When I speak from my perspective, I’m often ignored or brushed off. Shutting people out shouldn’t be a solution to avoid emotional problems. Men should be able to talk to one another and provide support.

Listen to men, because we may resist telling you at first but eventually we will open up and feel more comfortable talking about what goes on in our lives. I love having my problems heard because it makes me feel like I’m important. Sometimes my problems start adding up one after another making me feel like a failure or as if I’m not trying hard enough. Then I think about my loved ones and how they always come to me for help and support.

Every guy should feel important. Guys have to express their emotions to others, even if they get backlash. Being a man is dealing with your problems and being happy no matter what.