Endgame fails to live up to hype; disappointing end to phase four

Adri Martinez, Editor in Chief

Spoiler alert! It sucks.

Avengers: Endgame transports fans back to the days of playing with action figures. Unfortunately, it does this by
mashing characters together without rhyme or reason and spending way too long on Captain America’s butt.

For the culmination of 11 years of cinematic history and beauty, Endgame is quite underwhelming. The opening
scene is haunting and promising, but everything goes down the drain within the first 15 minutes.

It’s rushed. It’s sloppy. It’s jumpy.

But most of all, it’s heartbreaking.

The heartbreak isn’t from deaths or dramatic moments. It’s from disappointment. Weird decisions are made that
make the film’s plot feel equivalent to that of a parodic fan film. Characters come and go, and deaths feel slapped together. While watching the film, I kept thinking that there are fan theories better than this.

The acting and chemistry between the team is amazing and the way the Infinity Stones and Ant Man plays a part in
the movie is interesting and thought provoking. However, the main plot of the movie pokes a magnitude of plot
holes that give the movie a sense of incompleteness.

Memorable trailer scenes are almost predominately in the first act. As with Infinity War, a lot of the trailers were
doctored to edit out key points. Expect a movie completely different than the previews.

There is a lack of action in Endgame in the first two halves, however, this is made up for in the end. Fans will either
love or hate the ending because it is perhaps the worst, yet best, part of the whole film. There’s plenty of action and
references to the comics and previous movies.

Where the fifty percent of the population went during the Snappening is explained in a single line from a character.
This fits in place with the film as explanations seem unnecessary and logic is defied.

Marvel fans will enjoy the amazing effects and nostalgic scenes throughout the film, but anyone paying too close
attention to the details will leave the theater frustrated.

The ideas behind Endgame are amazing. On paper, it sounds like the perfect way to end such a magnificent era.
However, the rules of the execution feel loose and too open ended.

So many strange decisions were made. Character arcs all make sense but a majority, like Captain America’s, feel
awkward and rushed.

Avengers: Endgame would have benefitted as two separate movies. In its current state, it’s a garbled mess with
thrown-in-the-face Fortnite and Audi ads and unanswered questions.

Audiences seeing Endgame should plan on multiple viewings. There is a lot to unpack within the film that can not
be explained without major spoilers. Blink and risk missing the conclusion to a major plotline.
Avengers: Endgame is a necessary stepping stone in the Marcel Cinematic Universe, despite being a disappointing end to Phase Three. Watch the film to understand what’s to come, but otherwise revisit Infinity War.