Netflix original “Chambers” offers chilling, realistic plot

Lia Becker, Reporter


Sasha locks herself in the bathroom stall, ignoring the footsteps following her. There’s a vile taste on her tongue as she empties the contents of her stomach.

The appalling taste, the nauseating smell, the scar leading down the center of her chest and the knowledge that she had a complete stranger’s heart replacing her own is all a reminder of how, in four hours, the entire universe conspired together to save her life.

“Chambers” is a Netflix original, surrounding themes of psychological horror, mystery and the supernatural. This slow burn series has the first Native American to star in a Netflix Film, Sasha Yazzie, portrayed by Sivan Alyra Rose.

“Chambers” holds a script that tends to feel genuine, all the lines hold the sole purpose of keeping the story going. The plot and wonderful acting leads the audience through a roller coaster of emotions, from sadness and anger, to feeling completely alone and pushed away.

Even with the questionable visuals and disturbing aspects, such as the donor’s absurd behavior prior to her death, people just can’t stop watching this sensational series. The plot proceeds at an enjoyable yet slow pace, though some viewers complained about the lack of spark and excitement throughout the show.

Many people who love “Chambers” can all agree on one thing other than enjoying this series, they’re highly disappointed with the fact that Netflix has decided not to create a second season.

Even though the show won’t be continued, people should still watch “Chambers” because it’s immensely creepy with an amazing cast that will keep viewers interested.