Junior projects confidence with style


Olouwatobi Noukpozounkou

Relaxing on the stairs, Ruby Bugarin Arce looks up with confidence in her outfit. At home she decided to get the shoes because of all the colors on them, knowing that they would look good with a lot of her outfits.

Olouwatobi Noukpozounkou, Reporter

Olouwatobi Noukpozounkou
Bugarin Arce walking down the stairs wearing one of her most unique outfits. Earlier in the day Bugarin was complimented by junior Daniela Hinojosa on her outfit.

Wearing bright blue overalls with a pink shirt and Air Max 90s Be True is a pattern most people wouldn’t put together, but junior Ruby Bugarin Arce walks down the hallways wearing it with confidence. 

She dresses this way because it’s how she express herself, it’s what makes her the person she is. She first started wearing these outfits during her freshman year. 

“It was a new start and I didn’t care,” Bugarin Arce said. “Honestly, it’s like a motivation for me to go to school, if I were to not look good, I wouldn’t want to talk to anyone. I wouldn’t be myself.” 

The main stores she goes to are thrift stores like; New Life Thrift, Goodwill or Thrift World. She brings $20 with her which can get her a lot of clothes compared to her going to a mall. 

Thrifting is a good way to find unique things,” Bugarin Arce said. “It also helps with the fashion industry since you’re not wasting money on products that are hurting the environment, but instead buying clothes that are already made.” 

When she first started dressing this way, her family thought it was weird that she was dressing differently, but they eventually got used to it.

“I like the way she dresses it’s very unique and trippy,” junior Changkuoth Koat said. “They’re different than others so it makes it even nicer. My favorite outfit she wears is the one with the CdG Converse.” 

Although most people like her fits now, back when she first started wearing them in her freshman year people would criticize her. However that didn’t stop her from wearing them. 

“I guess it was new to them,” Bugarin Arce said. “They’d say stuff like why those shoes or, why those pants. I used to like it when people said stuff though, because it means I’m doing things different. It actually gave me more motivation to wear what I like and not for other people, because I wear the clothes for me only, not no one else.”