1st Quarter Honor Roll Recipients


Info graphic by Matthew Pierson

Angel Garcia & Cristian Vargas-Loarca, Section Editor & Reporter

On Nov. 1 during crew 689 students were awarded a certificate for making the first quarter honor roll due to their academic excellence.  

There are Three levels of honor roll, students with a GPA of 3.0 to 3.499 receive the bear achievement, next achievement is the Bryan high honors of 3.5 to 3.999, lastly is the bear medallion of 4.0+.  

Jonathan           Aguirre-Montenegr   Bear Achievement              09 

Maria                  Ajiataz Guico   Bear High Honors               09 

Alexander         Albert                 Bear High Honors               09 

Hannah              Allerton             Bear High Honors               09 

Nashiya              Ammons           Bear Achievement            09 

Jayme                 Aranda               Bear High Honors               09 

Kayli                    Ascencio            Bear Achievement            09 

Moriah               Ayala                   Bear Achievement            09 

Gerson               Barahona Portillo                         Bear Achievement               09 

Francisco           Barajas-Castro Bear Medallion   09 

Erick                    Barrera Bustamante                   Bear High Honors 09 

Francisco           Bautista             Bear Medallion   09 

Zeiden                Bautista             Bear Achievement            09 

Conner               Baxter                Bear Achievement            09 

Bryan                  Benitez              Bear Medallion   09 

Natalie               Besta                  Bear High Honors               09 

Makira                Brown                Bear Achievement            09 

Raquel                Burton                Bear Medallion   09 

David                  Camacho Garcia                           Bear Achievement               09 

Bryley                 Carabantes       Bear Medallion   09 

Carlos                 Castanon-Nava                            Bear Achievement               09 

Annuarite         Chanceline       Bear Achievement            09 

Valentin             Chavez               Bear High Honors               09 

Yesenia              Chavez Guerrero                         Bear Achievement               09 

Reni                     Cimatoribus     Bear Achievement            09 

Kyler                   Cirian                  Bear Achievement            09 

Hannah              Collins                 Bear Medallion   09 

Genesis             Contreras-Munoz                       Bear High Honors 09 

Jessica                Conway             Bear Medallion   09 

Roxanna            Corrales Sanchez                         Bear High Honors 09 

Amairani            Corrales-Benitez                          Bear High Honors 09 

Haileigh              Costanzo           Bear Achievement            09 

Nalah                  Cunningham    Bear Achievement            09 

Anhayla             DeLuna              Bear Medallion   09 

Kadin                  Devine               Bear Medallion   09 

Kimberly            Diaz                     Bear Achievement            09 

Leslie                  Diaz                     Bear High Honors               09 

Aidaly                 Diaz SantaCruz Bear Achievement            09 

Bryan                  Diaz-Quezada  Bear Achievement            09 

Austin                 Diep                    Bear Medallion   09 

Justin                  Diep                    Bear Medallion   09 

Gabriela             Flores-Franco  Bear Achievement            09 

Janet                   Garcia                 Bear High Honors               09 

Magda                Garcia                 Bear High Honors               09 

Yesenia              Garcia                 Bear Achievement            09 

Daniela               Garcia-Mejia    Bear High Honors               09 

Adriana              Garcia-Perez    Bear Medallion   09 

Isabel                  Garcia-Sandoval                           Bear High Honors 09 

Karen                  Garnica-Raya   Bear Medallion   09 

Mitchell             Gates                  Bear Medallion   09 

Arian                   Gomez Perez   Bear High Honors               09 

Samantha         Gomez-Estrada                            Bear Achievement               09 

Ulysses              Gonzalez           Bear Achievement            09 

Gilberto             Gonzalez-Lopez                           Bear Achievement               09 

Karla                    Guerrero Fernandez                  Bear High Honors 09 

Jetaya                 Hancock             Bear Achievement            09 

Amina                 Hassan               Bear High Honors               09 

Avery                  Hawbaker         Bear High Honors               09 

Deyvian             Hernandez       Bear High Honors               09 

Esmeralda         Hernandez-Adame                     Bear Achievement               09 

D’Sjon                 Holmes-Pickens                           Bear Achievement               09 

Ryleigh               Horsley              Bear Achievement            09 

Lissette              Huerta-Garcia Bear Achievement            09 

Cameron           Hundertmark  Bear Achievement            09 

Macy                   Hutfless             Bear Medallion   09 

Jayden               Jasinski               Bear Achievement            09 

Gracie                 Johnson             Bear Medallion   09 

Samantha         Kendall               Bear High Honors               09 

Ciarra                  Kermeen           Bear Achievement            09 

Cristal                 Lagunas             Bear Achievement            09 

Stephany          Lagunas-Nava Bear Medallion   09 

Alejandra          Leon Ramirez   Bear Achievement            09 

Emma                 Loftus                 Bear Medallion   09 

Erin                      Loftus                 Bear Medallion   09 

Emanuel            Lopez                  Bear High Honors               09 

Jocelyn               Lopez                  Bear Achievement            09 

Leslie                  Lopez                  Bear Medallion   09 

Gabriel               Lopez-Rodriguez                         Bear Achievement               09 

Maritza              Loza-Ramirez   Bear Medallion   09 

Megene            Lujendo             Bear High Honors               09 

Gabriela             Maldonado-Vazquez                 Bear High Honors 09 

Vivianna            Martinez           Bear Achievement            09 

Liliana                 Martinez-Reyna                           Bear Medallion      09 

Preston              McCartney       Bear High Honors               09 

Atika                   Mohamud        Bear Medallion   09 

Nicolas               Molina Breeden                           Bear High Honors 09 

Jesus                   Monarrez-Carrera                       Bear High Honors 09 

Deja                    Moody-Hudson                           Bear High Honors 09 

Xavier                 Morales Vazquez                         Bear High Honors 09 

Samantha         Munoz-Perez  Bear High Honors               09 

Daniel                 Nolazco              Bear Achievement            09 

Luisa                    Orantes-Quevedo                       Bear Medallion      09 

Athey                 Osterberg         Bear High Honors               09 

Wendy               Pacheco-Menjivar                       Bear Achievement               09 

Michaela           Painter               Bear Medallion   09 

Za’Kye                Parrott               Bear Achievement            09 

Marjorie            Pellecer Marroquin                     Bear High Honors 09 

Sophia                Perales               Bear Achievement            09 

Paola                   Pico-Del Villar  Bear High Honors               09 

Jocelyn               Prado                  Bear Medallion   09 

Caden                 Pruitt                  Bear Achievement            09 

Juan                    Puentes De Luna                          Bear High Honors 09 

Nadia                  Quintanilla-Garcia                       Bear High Honors 09 

Eduardo             Ramirez             Bear High Honors               09 

Vielman             Ramirez Velasquez                     Bear Achievement               09 

Jennifer             Ramirez-Ramos                            Bear Achievement               09 

Armando           Ramos                Bear Achievement            09 

Brenda               Ramos                Bear Achievement            09 

Gavin                  Rath                    Bear Achievement            09 

Miguel                Raymundo Garcia                        Bear Achievement               09 

Brandi                 Reed                   Bear Achievement            09 

Brooke               Reed                   Bear Achievement            09 

LoRaena            Reyna                 Bear Achievement            09 

Cole                     Rickley                Bear Medallion   09 

Enrique              Rodriguez         Bear Achievement            09 

Jared                   Rodriguez         Bear High Honors               09 

Ana                      Rodriguez Andrade                     Bear Achievement               09 

Hailey                 Rodriguez-Cruz                            Bear High Honors 09 

Juan                    Rodriguez-Pastrana                    Bear Medallion      09 

Vanesa               Rodriguez-Rosas                          Bear High Honors 09 

Jose                     Romero             Bear Achievement            09 

Jason                  Ruch                    Bear Achievement            09 

Maria                  Ruiz-Garduno  Bear Achievement            09 

Ashley                Salazar Alvarez                             Bear High Honors 09 

Dana                   Salazar-Salcedo                            Bear Medallion      09 

Yamilett             Sanchez             Bear Achievement            09 

Oscar                  Sanchez Hurtado                         Bear High Honors 09 

Bryan                  Sanchez-Cuellar                           Bear High Honors 09 

Rosa                    Santacruz Fulgencio                   Bear Achievement               09 

Marci                  Santos                Bear Achievement            09 

Alexis                  Schovanec        Bear Medallion   09 

Maira                  Sebastian-Ramirez                      Bear Medallion      09 

Carla                    Segovia-Rodriguez                      Bear Achievement               09 

Ellaina                 Stratos               Bear Medallion        09 

Charlotte           Strazdas             Bear Achievement            09 

Dylan                  Struckmeyer    Bear Achievement            09 

Jose                     Tapia Hernandez                         Bear High Honors      09 

Deylin                 Tenorio              Bear High Honors               09 

Montana           Thompson        Bear Medallion   09 

Malia                   Tuamoheloa    Bear High Honors               09 

Daphney           Valadez              Bear Achievement            09 

Alexi                    Valle                    Bear Achievement            09 

Eduardo             Vallin                   Bear Achievement            09 

Mariela              Varela Hercules                            Bear Achievement               09 

Alexander         Varela-Alvarez Bear Achievement            09 

Uriel                    Vargas                Bear Medallion   09 

Yvette                Vargas                Bear High Honors               09 

Jordan                Vargas-Soto     Bear Medallion   09 

Maximiliano     Velazco Cortes Bear Achievement            09 

Cristal                 Ventura Factor                             Bear Achievement               09 

Yulissa                Villagomez        Bear High Honors               09 

Tiana                   Watson              Bear High Honors               09 

Alana                  Wheeler            Bear Achievement            09 

Cali                       Williams             Bear Achievement            09 

Damian              Williams             Bear Achievement            09 

London              Williams             Bear High Honors               09 

Marilyn              Yost                     Bear High Honors               09 

Jeremy               Zuniga                Bear High Honors               09 

Lizeth                  Acosta Urrutia Bear High Honors               10 

Savannah          Adams                Bear Achievement            10 

Jonathan           Ahumada          Bear Achievement            10 

Bernadette      Ambatobe        Bear High Honors               10 

Shantania          Arellano             Bear Medallion   10 

Kimberly            Arevalo-Orellana                         Bear Medallion      10 

Melany              Arias                    Bear Achievement            10 

Isaac                    Arias-Rauda     Bear High Honors               10 

Krystal                Arroyo                Bear High Honors               10 

Yeraldin             Arteaga              Bear High Honors               10 

Aishah                Arvizu Herrera Bear High Honors               10 

Sophie                Bacon                 Bear High Honors               10 

Maria                  Barrera Bustamante                   Bear Medallion      10 

Abdirahman     Bashir                 Bear Achievement            10 

Fernando          Bautista-Bernabe                        Bear Achievement               10 

Grady                 Bazzell                Bear Medallion   10 

Alexia                 Becerra Garcia Bear Achievement            10 

Lia                        Becker                Bear High Honors               10 

Yamilet               Benitez-Ozuna Bear Achievement            10 

Esdras                 Bernabe Pablo Bear Achievement            10 

Layna                  Blankenship     Bear Medallion   10 

Samantha         Bogart                Bear Achievement            10 

Dayana               Bravo Salomon                             Bear Achievement               10 

Maddison         Brown                Bear Medallion   10 

Joshua                Burton                Bear High Honors               10 

Diana                  Caceres-Erazo Bear Medallion   10 

Axel                     Campa Chavez Bear Medallion   10 

Angel                  Cano                   Bear Achievement            10 

Seidy                   Cantarero Orellana                     Bear Medallion      10 

Alexa                  Castro                 Bear Achievement            10 

Jonathan           Castro-Zavala  Bear Achievement            10 

German             Cerda-Nolasco Bear High Honors               10 

Miguel                Chacon-Valdez Bear High Honors               10 

Karen                  Chairez-Salazar                             Bear Medallion      10 

Carlos                 Chavez               Bear Medallion   10 

Ruby                   Contreras          Bear Achievement            10 

Fabiola               Corazon-Garcia                            Bear High Honors 10 

Daisy                   Corona               Bear High Honors               10 

Jazmin                Corona Jimenez                           Bear Medallion      10 

Lucia                    Cortez-Martinez                          Bear Medallion      10 

Emma                 Cramer               Bear Medallion   10 

Maria                  Cristobal Mateo Bear High Honors            10 

Susan Cruz Merida                      Bear High Honors               10 

Abigail                Cruz-Rodriguez Bear Medallion  10 

Kelis                    DeAnda             Bear Achievement            10 

Gavin                  Devine               Bear High Honors               10 

Marcella            Diaz                     Bear High Honors               10 

Javier                  Diaz-Corrales   Bear High Honors               10 

Jonathan           Diaz-Gutierrez Bear Achievement            10 

Kevin                  Dieguez             Bear Achievement            10 

Ramiro               Domingo-Garcia                           Bear Achievement               10 

Jaxon                  Edwards            Bear Achievement            10 

Kajler                  Elliott                  Bear Achievement            10 

Alondra              Escobedo          Bear High Honors               10 

Allan                    Espinal                Bear Medallion   10 

Bryan                  Estrada-Sotelo Bear High Honors               10 

Romeo               Felipe Francisco                            Bear Achievement               10 

Linda                   Flores                 Bear Medallion   10 

Ramon               Flores                 Bear High Honors               10 

William               Flores                 Bear Achievement            10 

Fabian                Flores-Juan      Bear High Honors               10 

Uriel                    Flores-Rojas     Bear High Honors               10 

Yulisa                  Fuentes             Bear Medallion   10 

Brandon            Fuentes-Valdivia                          Bear High Honors 10 

Joseph               Gaines                Bear Medallion   10 

Dianela               Gallardo             Bear Achievement            10 

Christofer         Gallardo-Mejia Bear High Honors               10 

Angel                  Garcia                 Bear High Honors               10 

Gustavo             Garcia                 Bear Achievement            10 

Karina                 Garcia                 Bear High Honors               10 

Geovany           Garcia Lopez    Bear Achievement            10 

Maria del Carmen                       Garcia-Bravo    Bear High Honors 10 

Bryan                  Garcia-Cazares Bear High Honors               10 

Jose G                 Garcia-Delgadillo                         Bear High Honors 10 

Nataly                 Gomez-Mares Bear Medallion   10 

Lesly                    Gonzales Villeda                          Bear High Honors 10 

Vanessa             Gonzalez           Bear High Honors               10 

Priscilla               Gonzalez Diaz  Bear Achievement            10 

Naidaly               Gonzalez Miranda                       Bear Medallion      10 

Alexandra         Gutierrez Lopez                           Bear High Honors 10 

Don                     Hannon              Bear High Honors               10 

Alondra              Hernandez       Bear Medallion   10 

Bryan                  Hernandez       Bear High Honors               10 

Julio                     Hernandez       Bear Medallion   10 

Katalynna          Hernandez       Bear Achievement            10 

Jose                     Hernandez Mena                        Bear High Honors 10 

Jesenia               Hernandez Ortega                      Bear High Honors 10 

Eduardo             Hernandez-Alfaro                       Bear Achievement               10 

Vaughn              Hollis                   Bear High Honors               10 

Marvin               Juarez Francisco                           Bear High Honors 10 

Patrick                Key                      Bear High Honors               10 

Tobius                Knudsen            Bear Medallion   10 

Yasmin               Lanche               Bear Medallion   10 

Marian               LandaVerde Luna                        Bear Achievement               10 

Natanyal            Lanning              Bear Medallion   10 

Andrea               Lopez-Ayala     Bear High Honors               10 

Isabella              Lopez-Galvan  Bear Achievement            10 

Maria                  Lopez-Mendoza                           Bear Achievement               10 

Daniela               Lorenzo Jacinto                            Bear Achievement               10 

David                  Lugo                    Bear Medallion   10 

Rohan                 Magar                 Bear Achievement            10 

Austin                 Matulka             Bear Medallion   10 

Fabiola               Mejia Salaz       Bear Achievement            10 

Anabel               Mejorado         Bear Medallion   10 

Isaac                    Melgar               Bear High Honors               10 

Yoselin               Melgar Serrano                            Bear Achievement               10 

Fany                    Miralda Antunez                         Bear High Honors 10 

Fabricio              Miranda-Cruz  Bear High Honors               10 

Bryan                  Miranda-Juarez                            Bear Achievement               10 

Manuel              Montelongo-Vela                        Bear High Honors 10 

Christopher      Monzon Zuniga                            Bear Achievement               10 

Ayden                Moore                Bear Medallion   10 

Brandon            Morales             Bear High Honors               10 

Ximena              Morales             Bear Medallion   10 

Ruben                Murillo-Cardona                          Bear Medallion      10 

Ruby                   Nelson               Bear High Honors               10 

Jared                   Newman           Bear High Honors               10 

Luis                      Nicolas-Antonio                           Bear Medallion      10 

Saird                    Niebla Jimenez                             Bear Achievement               10 

Olouwatobi      Noukpozounkou                          Bear High Honors 10 

Marisol               Olague               Bear Achievement            10 

Celeste              Olguin-Silva      Bear High Honors               10 

Camila                Olivo                   Bear Medallion   10 

D’marco             Orduna              Bear High Honors               10 

Lilianah               Orr                       Bear Medallion   10 

Abraham           Ortiz                    Bear Achievement            10 

Fatima                Ortiz-Pacheco Bear High Honors               10 

Ruben                Oseguera          Bear Achievement            10 

Vanessa             Pacheco Nava  Bear Medallion   10 

Grecia                 Palma-Morales                             Bear Achievement               10 

Ivan                     Paniagua Heredia                        Bear Achievement               10 

Celeste              Pantoja-Lara    Bear Achievement            10 

Lisbeth               Pena-Gonzalez Bear High Honors               10 

Saul                     Perez-Garcia    Bear Medallion   10 

Xavier                 Phillips                Bear High Honors               10 

DeShawn          Pluth                   Bear Achievement            10 

Chase                 Pokett                Bear Achievement            10 

Audencio          Ramos                Bear High Honors               10 

Yarelie                Ramos                Bear High Honors               10 

Jose                     Rangel-Gutierrez                         Bear High Honors 10 

Jazmin                Regalado Manzo                          Bear Medallion      10 

Miguel                Ries                     Bear High Honors               10 

Briana                 Rios-Barragan  Bear High Honors               10 

Gerson               Rivas Garcia      Bear Achievement            10 

Magdiel             Rivas Garcia      Bear Achievement            10 

Rene                   Rivera-Alberto Bear Achievement            10 

Victor                  Rivero                 Bear Achievement            10 

Ivan                     Rodriguez         Bear High Honors               10 

Jocelyn               Rodriguez         Bear Achievement            10 

Karim                  Rodriguez-Zamora                      Bear Achievement               10 

Mateo                Roman               Bear Achievement            10 

Silvia                    Romero Soriano                           Bear Achievement               10 

Amber                Roth                    Bear Medallion   10 

Katherine          Salas Rojo         Bear Medallion   10 

Alondra              Saldana Castillo                            Bear High Honors 10 

Jade                    Salgado-Antunez                         Bear Medallion      10 

Abigail                Sanchez             Bear Medallion   10 

Gaspar               Sanchez             Bear High Honors               10 

Hannah              Sanchez             Bear Achievement            10 

Jose                     Sanchez             Bear Medallion   10 

Katherine          Santacruz          Bear High Honors               10 

Melody              Santos                Bear High Honors               10 

Dallanara           Sibrian-Miranda                           Bear Medallion      10 

Allison                Sierra Cervantes                          Bear Achievement               10 

Julio                     Silva Franco      Bear High Honors               10 

Kelsey                Simon                 Bear Medallion   10 

Kamille               Smith                  Bear Achievement            10 

Makenna          Smith                  Bear High Honors               10 

Edwin                 Solis Valquier   Bear Achievement            10 

Isabel                  Stewart              Bear Medallion   10 

Cristina               Suarez-Barragan                          Bear High Honors 10 

Kevin                  Tapia-Juarez    Bear Medallion   10 

Lisset                  Tejeda-Vargas Bear Medallion   10 

Dylan                  Tellez                  Bear Achievement            10 

Brandan             Thai                     Bear High Honors               10 

Fatima                Torres                 Bear High Honors               10 

Denise                Trujillo                Bear Medallion   10 

Denise                Valdez-Alvarez Bear Medallion   10 

Edder                  Valladares Garcia                         Bear Achievement               10 

Hser Eh              Weh                    Bear Achievement            10 

Cassandra         Widman             Bear Achievement            10 

Lakeisha            Williams             Bear Achievement            10 

Tobin                  Wingender       Bear Medallion   10 

Oscar                  Yanez Andrade                             Bear Medallion      10 

Erica                    Yost                     Bear High Honors               10 

Areem                Zahid                   Bear Medallion   10 

Samira                Zarazua              Bear Medallion   10 

Ashley                Zavala-Mendoza                          Bear Achievement               10 

Alecza                 Zurita                  Bear Achievement            10 

Jabril                   Abdi                    Bear Achievement            11 

Dominique       Aguilar                Bear Medallion   11 

Vilma                  Aguilar-Melgar Bear High Honors               11 

Daniel                 Altamirano-Salgado                    Bear Medallion      11 

Mia                      Alvarez               Bear Achievement            11 

Katheryn           Alvarez-Padilla Bear High Honors               11 

Jonathan           Amaya-Batres Bear Achievement            11 

Stephanie         Angel                  Bear High Honors               11 

Lizbeth               Arevalo-Orellana                         Bear Achievement               11 

Leonel                Ascencio            Bear Medallion   11 

Leslie                  Avecias-Chepetla                        Bear Achievement               11 

Andrew             Baber                  Bear High Honors               11 

Joseph               Bacon                 Bear Achievement            11 

Maria del Carmen                       Bravo Salomon    Bear Achievement          11 

JaMarkuist        Brown                Bear Achievement            11 

Ruby                   Bugarin Arce    Bear Medallion   11 

Keyana               Burries               Bear Medallion   11 

Ricardo               Cabrera              Bear High Honors               11 

Jasmin                Calderon-Cruz Bear Achievement            11 

Lizbeth               Campuzano      Bear Medallion   11 

Jennifer             Campuzano-Mejia                      Bear Achievement               11 

Isabella              Carbajal             Bear Medallion   11 

Brenda               Carrillo-Olvera Bear Medallion   11 

Joanna               Castillo               Bear Medallion   11 

Iris                        Castro-Velasquez                        Bear Medallion      11 

Julisa                   Chaidez-Puga  Bear Medallion   11 

Maria                  Chaidez-Rodriguez                     Bear Medallion      11 

Marvin               Chaparro-Mendez                      Bear Medallion      11 

Leonel                Chinchilla Ramos                         Bear Medallion      11 

Oscar                  Chinchilla Ramos                         Bear High Honors 11 

Giovany             Chino-Morrison                           Bear High Honors 11 

Reynaldo           Cifuentes Cifuentes                    Bear Achievement               11 

Yazminn             Contreras-Munoz                       Bear Achievement               11 

Matthew           Conway             Bear Achievement            11 

Alejandro          Cortes Garcia   Bear Achievement            11 

Nelly                   Cristobal Mateo                           Bear High Honors 11 

Dustin                 Cruz Valdivia    Bear High Honors               11 

Ayele                  D’Almeida         Bear Medallion   11 

Kasandra           De la Cruz-Gutierrez                  Bear Medallion      11 

Jorge                   Degante            Bear Medallion   11 

Ivanna                Dominguez       Bear Achievement            11 

Johana               Dubon Aguilar Bear High Honors               11 

Nancy                 Estrada               Bear Achievement            11 

Nancy                 Estrada-Gomez                            Bear Medallion      11 

Hailey                 Favela                 Bear Achievement            11 

Jessica                Fernandez-Erazo                         Bear Medallion      11 

Paulina               Flores                 Bear Medallion   11 

Alexander         Foster                 Bear Achievement            11 

Ehve                    Gallagher          Bear Medallion   11 

Gerardo             Galvan-Gallegos                          Bear High Honors 11 

Angel                  Garcia                 Bear Achievement            11 

Maria                  Garcia                 Bear Achievement            11 

Pamela               Garcia                 Bear Achievement            11 

Eliseo                  Garcia Garcia   Bear Achievement            11 

Cinthia                Garcia Herrera Bear Medallion   11 

Sahori                 Garcia-Medrano                          Bear Achievement               11 

Sherlin                Garnica-Raya   Bear Achievement            11 

Madeline          Gates                  Bear High Honors               11 

Gracie                 George              Bear High Honors               11 

Elizabeth           Gomez               Bear Medallion   11 

Melissa              Gomez Rangel Bear High Honors               11 

Bianca                 Gonzalez-Zamora                        Bear Medallion      11 

Jackson              Goodman         Bear Achievement            11 

Matthew           Greer                  Bear High Honors               11 

Aleesia               Griffy                  Bear High Honors               11 

Kanaje                Grissett              Bear Achievement            11 

Ariana                 Grothe               Bear High Honors               11 

Patti                    Gruis                   Bear High Honors               11 

Arianna              Hamilton           Bear High Honors               11 

Courtney           Harman              Bear Achievement            11 

Ismail                  Hassan               Bear Achievement            11 

Cindy                  Hernandez       Bear Achievement            11 

Madelyn            Hernandez       Bear Achievement            11 

Myriam              Hernandez       Bear High Honors               11 

Arlene                Hernandez-Garcia                       Bear Medallion      11 

Noah                   Hernandez-Hernandez              Bear Achievement               11 

Nancy                 Hernandez-Ramirez                   Bear Achievement               11 

Victoria              Hill                        Bear Achievement            11 

Daniela               Hinojosa            Bear Achievement            11 

Julian                  Hollis                   Bear High Honors               11 

Makenna          Horsley              Bear Medallion   11 

Jazmine             Howard              Bear High Honors               11 

Cynthia              Huey Morales  Bear Achievement            11 

Kalyn                   Hutfless             Bear Achievement            11 

Maria                  Jacinto Lucas    Bear Achievement            11 

Sonia                   Jacinto-Hernandez                     Bear Achievement               11 

Vanessa             Keithley-Gordon                          Bear High Honors 11 

Say                       Ket                       Bear High Honors               11 

Katalina              King                     Bear High Honors               11 

Changkuoth     Koat                    Bear Achievement            11 

Elizabeth           Konya                 Bear Achievement            11 

Gabriel               Kula                     Bear High Honors               11 

Itzel                     Lagunas             Bear Achievement            11 

Tristan                Lambert             Bear Achievement            11 

Yennifer            Lara-Contreras Bear Achievement            11 

Robertas           Lizdas                  Bear Achievement            11 

Jaqueline          Lopez                  Bear Achievement            11 

Yaret                   Lopez-de la Cruz                           Bear High Honors 11 

Jaqueline          Lopez-Rogel     Bear High Honors               11 

Miriam               Lozano               Bear Achievement            11 

Octavian            Manhart            Bear Achievement            11 

Maria                  Marcos Francisco                         Bear Achievement               11 

Jessica                Marin-Bravo    Bear Achievement            11 

Ninette              Marquez           Bear Medallion   11 

Daisy                   Martinez           Bear Achievement            11 

Nancy                 Martinez-Silva Bear Medallion   11 

Lizbeth               Martinez-Suarez                          Bear Medallion      11 

Jayson                Mathis                Bear Achievement            11 

Ellie                      McIntosh-McAdams                  Bear High Honors 11 

Meleny              Mejia                  Bear High Honors               11 

Perla                   Mejia                  Bear Achievement            11 

Aracely               Melgar-Miranda                          Bear Achievement               11 

Gladys                Mendoza Garcia                           Bear Achievement               11 

Jasmine             Menjivar-Diaz Bear Medallion   11 

Kenlly                 Merida Dominguez                     Bear Achievement               11 

Tyler                    Merrifield         Bear Achievement            11 

Esperanza         Miguel Ozuna  Bear Achievement            11 

Giselle                Miranda             Bear Medallion   11 

Elisha                  Mufungizi         Bear Medallion   11 

Jovanie              Najar                   Bear Medallion   11 

Raymond          Nguyen              Bear High Honors               11 

Yen                      Nguyen              Bear High Honors               11 

Ali                         Niz Baltazar      Bear High Honors               11 

Nayeli                 Nolasco-Alvarado                        Bear High Honors 11 

Richard               O’Connor          Bear Medallion   11 

Odol                    Odol                    Bear High Honors               11 

Martin                Ojeda                 Bear High Honors               11 

Stefany              Olguin                 Bear High Honors               11 

Jasmine             Orange               Bear Achievement            11 

Priscilla               Orozco               Bear High Honors               11 

Laureline           Orr                       Bear Medallion   11 

Zachary              Ostrander         Bear High Honors               11 

Diego                  Paniagua Heredia                        Bear Medallion      11 

Alfredo              Paramo Hurtado                          Bear High Honors 11 

Veronica            Pellecer Marroquin                     Bear Achievement               11 

Roxana               Perez                  Bear Medallion   11 

Jasmine             Peterson           Bear High Honors               11 

Brayan                Pineda Beltran Bear Achievement            11 

Su                         Poe                      Bear Medallion   11 

Alexis                  Poledna             Bear Medallion   11 

Brooke               Powers              Bear Medallion   11 

Uriel                    Quintana-Gonzalez                    Bear Medallion      11 

Mon                    Rai                        Bear High Honors               11 

David                  Ramirez             Bear High Honors               11 

Freddy               Rangel-Garcia  Bear Medallion   11 

Fabian                Reid                     Bear Achievement            11 

Cole                     Reinert               Bear High Honors               11 

Kristobal            Renteria-Martinez                      Bear High Honors 11 

Macdalena       Reyes                 Bear Medallion   11 

April                    Rodela                Bear Achievement            11 

Esmeralda         Rodriguez Lopez                          Bear Medallion      11 

Sabino                Rodriguez-Cabeza                       Bear Medallion      11 

Manuel              Rodriguez-Corral                         Bear Medallion      11 

Derek                 Rohwer              Bear Achievement            11 

Kevin                  Roldan                Bear High Honors               11 

Kimberly            Romero             Bear Achievement            11 

Cinthya              Romero-Guardado                     Bear Medallion      11 

Sophia                Rubenstein      Bear Medallion   11 

Stephanie         Ruiz-Dominguez                          Bear High Honors 11 

Cristian               Ruiz-Garduno  Bear Achievement            11 

Gabriel               Ruiz-Lopez        Bear High Honors               11 

Alexis                  Salas Rojo         Bear Achievement            11 

Briana                 Salinas                Bear High Honors               11 

Mitzy                  Salinas-Gomez Bear Medallion   11 

Hannah              Sanchez             Bear Achievement            11 

Veronica            Sanchez             Bear High Honors               11 

Laisha                 Sanchez-Cuellar                           Bear High Honors 11 

Jose                     Santacrus Fulgencio                   Bear Achievement               11 

Jacob                  Schoenauer     Bear Achievement            11 

Kaitlyn                Schwenn           Bear Achievement            11 

Gavin                  Shedeed           Bear Achievement            11 

Alondra              Soltero Bravo   Bear Medallion   11 

Jai’Lyn                 Spears                Bear Achievement            11 

Mackenzie        Sullivan              Bear Medallion   11 

Isabella              Tellez                  Bear Medallion   11 

Sierra                  Thompson        Bear High Honors               11 

Gerson               Torres                 Bear Achievement            11 

Jonathan           Torres Canales Bear Achievement            11 

Michelle            Trujillo-Castanon                         Bear Achievement               11 

Fatima                Valadez-Campos                         Bear Medallion      11 

Citlally                 Valadez-Robles                            Bear High Honors 11 

Anadalay           Valdez-Jacinto Bear Achievement            11 

Manuel              Valenzuela-Gamez                     Bear High Honors 11 

Gabriela             Valladares         Bear High Honors               11 

Ludwika             Vasquez            Bear Achievement            11 

Priscila                Vasquez Avila  Bear High Honors               11 

Brunell               Vega                   Bear High Honors               11 

Bryan                  Vizcaya               Bear Medallion   11 

Jordan                Wattles              Bear Medallion   11 

Gabriel               Welter                Bear Achievement            11 

Alyssa                 Williams             Bear High Honors               11 

Mariam              Zahid                   Bear Medallion   11 

Karla                    Zuniga                Bear Medallion   11 

Flor                      Abarca-Solis     Bear High Honors               12 

Liliana                 Aguirre-Herrera                           Bear High Honors 12 

Veronica            Alonso                Bear Medallion   12 

Alexander         Alvarado Velasquez                    Bear High Honors 12 

Alyssa                 Arsenault          Bear Achievement            12 

Jayden               Ash                      Bear Medallion   12 

Justin                  Atencio              Bear High Honors               12 

David                  Avalos-Vargas Bear High Honors               12 

Serena               Bacon                 Bear Medallion   12 

Litzy                     Balderrama-Oliva                        Bear Achievement               12 

Leandro             Baltazar              Bear Achievement            12 

Jorge                   Bautista Bernabe                         Bear Achievement               12 

Maria                  Bautista Pablo Bear High Honors               12 

Grecia                 Blanco                Bear Medallion   12 

Katelyn              Blue                     Bear Medallion   12 

Daniel                 Bogart                Bear High Honors               12 

Mario                  Buenrostro       Bear Achievement            12 

Liliana                 Bugarin Arce    Bear Achievement            12 

Tania                   Cabrera-Gonzales                       Bear Achievement               12 

Litzi                      Calderon-Garcia                           Bear Achievement               12 

Loredmi             Camacho           Bear Medallion   12 

Orlando             Carbajal-Imay  Bear Medallion   12 

Emiliano             Carrera-Ybanez                            Bear Medallion      12 

Jocabed             Catalan-Arcos  Bear Medallion   12 

Priscila                Chavez-Hernandez                     Bear Medallion      12 

Anisha                Chhetri               Bear Achievement            12 

Yaqueline          Cisneros            Bear Medallion   12 

DeAndre           Clayton              Bear Achievement            12 

Paola                   Contreras-Mora                           Bear High Honors 12 

Yara                     Coria-Garcia     Bear High Honors               12 

Usbaldo             Corona               Bear High Honors               12 

Yazmin               Cortes Garcia   Bear Achievement            12 

Mariela              Cruz-Rodriguez                            Bear Medallion      12 

Alexa                  De La Cruz-Valdovinos              Bear Achievement               12 

Giselle                Diaz                     Bear Medallion   12 

Suyapa               Dubon Aguilar Bear High Honors               12 

Madysen           Early                    Bear Medallion   12 

Mia                      Edwards            Bear Achievement            12 

Isabelle              Eipperle             Bear High Honors               12 

Kaelynne           Elliott                  Bear Achievement            12 

Stefany              Estrada               Bear Achievement            12 

Yulisa                  Flores-Hernandez                       Bear High Honors 12 

Jose                     Franco Morales                            Bear High Honors 12 

Anthony            Galloway           Bear Achievement            12 

Daniel                 Garcia Davila    Bear High Honors               12 

Samantha         Garcia-Barrios Bear High Honors               12 

Juanita               Garcia-Bravo    Bear High Honors               12 

Rubith                Garcia-Huerta Bear Achievement            12 

Alejandro          Garcia-Monreal                            Bear Achievement               12 

Andrew             Genchi-Bello    Bear Achievement            12 

Rachel                Gibbons             Bear High Honors               12 

Jennifer             Gomez Suarez Bear High Honors               12 

Ylianna               Gonzalez           Bear Achievement            12 

Maria                  Gonzalez Rivera                           Bear High Honors 12 

Miguel                Gonzalez-Arevalo                        Bear Achievement               12 

Alize                    Gonzalez-Osuna                          Bear Achievement               12 

Cooper               Graser                Bear Achievement            12 

Mariah               Grove                 Bear Medallion   12 

Rubi                     Guerrero           Bear Achievement            12 

Andres               Guevara            Bear Achievement            12 

Makayla             Hall                      Bear Medallion   12 

Eric                       Hamm                Bear Achievement            12 

Delaney             Harrington        Bear Achievement            12 

Andrea               Hernandez       Bear Achievement            12 

Ericka                  Hernandez       Bear Achievement            12 

Jimena               Hernandez       Bear High Honors               12 

Mariah               Hernandez       Bear Achievement            12 

Citlaly                  Herrera-Rubio Bear Achievement            12 

Benny                 Ho                        Bear Medallion   12 

Madison            Howard              Bear Achievement            12 

Hsee Mu            Htoo                    Bear Achievement            12 

Brian                   Huerta                Bear High Honors               12 

Alyssa                 Husser                Bear High Honors               12 

Kenji                   Isobe                  Bear Medallion   12 

Jimmy                 Jacinto                Bear Achievement            12 

Jayden               Jacobs                Bear Medallion   12 

Felipe                 Jamrock             Bear High Honors               12 

Jazmin                Juarez                 Bear Medallion   12 

La                         Ksay                    Bear High Honors               12 

Manuel              Lagunas Perez Bear High Honors               12 

Madison            Langle                 Bear High Honors               12 

Carlos                 Ledesma           Bear High Honors               12 

Fatima                Leiva                   Bear Medallion   12 

Jaeger                Lewis                  Bear Medallion   12 

Violeta               Lopez-Gomez  Bear Achievement            12 

Amber                Malone              Bear Achievement            12 

Janelle                Mancinas          Bear High Honors               12 

Ashley                Martinez-Roman                         Bear High Honors 12 

Jadyne               McCann             Bear Medallion   12 

Joheidy              Mejia-Salaz      Bear High Honors               12 

Briana                 Mitchell             Bear Medallion   12 

Marcelino         Morales             Bear High Honors               12 

Stephanie         Morales Tiscareno                       Bear Achievement               12 

Manuel              Moreno-Martinez                       Bear High Honors 12 

Griselda             Morga                Bear Achievement            12 

Elie                       Mufungizi         Bear Medallion   12 

Espoir                 Mufungizi         Bear Achievement            12 

Kaylee                Navarro             Bear Achievement            12 

Sehode              Noukpozounkou                          Bear Medallion      12 

Isabella              O’Hara                Bear Medallion   12 

Nuvia                  Olivar                  Bear Achievement            12 

Ana                      Ornelas Perez  Bear High Honors               12 

Maritza              Oseguera          Bear Achievement            12 

Yajaira                Pacheco-Menjivar                       Bear High Honors 12 

Yaritza                Pacheco-Menjivar                       Bear Medallion      12 

Luis                      Padilla                 Bear Achievement            12 

Ignacio               Palacios              Bear Achievement            12 

Jordon                Palmer               Bear Achievement            12 

Deanna              Pedro-Simon   Bear Achievement            12 

Maria                  Perez                  Bear High Honors               12 

Yesenia              Perez                  Bear High Honors               12 

William               Perkins               Bear High Honors               12 

Magdalena       Pinto-Bautista      Bear High Honors               12 

Stephanie         Portillo-Hernandez                 Bear Achievement               12 

Lesly                    Quiroz-Tavizon                    Bear High Honors 12 

Angelica             Rafael                 Bear High Honors               12 

Kaelob                Reinert               Bear Achievement            12 

Guadalupe       Renteria            Bear Achievement            12 

Rolando             Reyes-Silva       Bear Achievement            12 

Taylor                 Richman            Bear High Honors               12 

Arieona              Rickards             Bear High Honors               12 

Olivia                   Rickley                Bear Medallion   12 

Fatima                Rios Lara            Bear Achievement            12 

Alison                 Rivera-Alberto      Bear High Honors               12 

Jaime                  Rodriguez         Bear Medallion   12 

Ana                      Rodriguez-Lopez                         Bear High Honors 12 

Yesenia              Rojas                   Bear Achievement            12 

Agustin              Roman               Bear Medallion   12 

Maricela            Rosiles Chavez     Bear Medallion   12 

Ashley                Roth                    Bear Medallion   12 

Jailaiyah             Rouse                 Bear High Honors               12 

Britney               Salcedo-Gutierrez                       Bear Achievement               12 

Francisco           Salgado              Bear Achievement            12 

Jose                     Salinas                Bear Achievement            12 

Ashten               Sanchez             Bear Medallion   12 

Uriel                    Sanchez             Bear High Honors               12 

Jasmin                Sandoval-Recinos                        Bear Achievement               12 

Daw                     Say                       Bear High Honors               12 

Angel                  Segura-Pacheco                           Bear High Honors 12 

Miguel                Silva Franco      Bear Medallion   12 

Omar                  Simental            Bear Achievement            12 

David                  Smith                  Bear Achievement            12 

Jarlin                   Soto-Jimenez  Bear Medallion   12 

Carlos                 Stonerook Bautista                     Bear Achievement               12 

Tommaso          Taddei                Bear High Honors               12 

Luiza                    Tejeda-Vargas     Bear Achievement            12 

Marco                 Tercero Figueroa                         Bear Achievement               12 

Shemar              Toussaint          Bear Achievement            12 

Frida                    Tovar                  Bear Achievement            12 

Gabriel               Valadez-Robles                            Bear High Honors 12 

Estefani             Valdez-Adame    Bear Achievement            12 

Crystal                Valdez-Alvarez     Bear High Honors               12 

Evelyn                Varela-Alvarez     Bear Medallion   12 

Karina                 Ventura             Bear High Honors               12 

Jose                     Villanueva         Bear Achievement            12 

Jaylon                 Walker               Bear Achievement            12 

Mason                Whitaker           Bear Achievement            12 

Terzja                 Williams             Bear High Honors               12 

Manuel              Zavala-Arroyo     Bear High Honors               12 

Brianna              Zubia                   Bear Achievement            12