Athletic program signs with Adidas

Alexis Hernandez-Silva and Makena Smith

A new contract between the school and Adidas sets up a new future of what student athletes will be wearing on the field and court.

The contract states that the school and Adidas will be working together and they will support the athletic department with sports equipment.

“Adidas gave us the best deal and they’re going to be best partner for us over the next 5 years,” assistant principal and athletic director Ryan Murtaugh said.

The new gear will also help define the school.

“When you walk through the halls you see, 1,000 different bears 1,000 different B’s,” Murtaugh said. “We have a bunch of different colors of green and gold. I mean we just don’t have one united branding theme.”

Sport teams who already received new uniforms in the previous year or two will not wear the Adidas branded uniforms until their current uniforms have become unusable over time.

“When it’s time to replenish the uniforms— the next set of uni’s that I’m going to order is going to be Adidas,” Murtaugh said.

While some do not like that the school is switching from Nike to Adidas, that is not the case for head football coach Ryan Hanson. All he cares about is that the new equipment that they will be receiving will benefit his athletes.

“Part of playing good is feeling good about how you look and how you represent yourself as a team,” Hanson said. “If we’re able to get more gear and better gear as a result of wearing Adidas I’m all for it.”

Students feel like this partnership is very beneficial to the school because there will be new uniforms to wear instead of wearing the same old gear that has already been worn multiple years.

“I’m excited because we usually don’t have great equipment and knowing it’s going to come from Adidas makes me feel kind of special, plus it looks real nice,” junior Emiliano Gonzalez said.