Speaking for change, teen given hate

Makenna Smith, Reporter

Time magazine person of the year, 17-year-old climate change activist Greta Thunberg has been receiving tons of hate for the work she’s been doing when in reality she’s one of the bravest people out there finally speaking up for an overdue topic

Thunberg is an inspiration talking about touchy topics like rising sea levels and ice caps melting things are quickly going bad for our planet. while standing up to people in charge she’s created a name for herself and got well deserved recognition as she is making a huge difference for the future of our planet. While becoming a house held name Thunberg has received undeserved backlash for many powerful people.

Donald Trump childishly mocked her by tweeting “She seems like a happy young girl looking forward to a bright and wonderful future so nice to see.” Being only 17 she had her fair share of struggles getting people to take her seriously. Many people still don’t. By speaking out Thunberg has been called a “mentally ill Swedish child” by Michael Knowles.

Close minded people have spoken out against her saying she’s just a kid, she has anger problems or that she shouldn’t be taken seriously and that she doesn’t know what’s happening. These people are clealy uneducated about her because she knows a lot about this.

Thunberg might be young but she’s very intelligent she knows what’s going on and has created a bigger platform then anyone and got the topic being talked about more. Thunberg is an amazing young girl and a great role model for others who want to do something but don’t mow how. She’s a voice for the new generation of teens that will have to grow up in the polluted earth that has been left for us and Thunberg isn’t going to deal with it.