Top 10% of class to get golden gowns

Mariam Zahid, Copy Editor

Alongside other changes that have happened at the school, something new is also coming in May. The academic top 10 percent of the graduating class will graduate wearing gold gowns.

Other schools implemented this idea such as Omaha Northwest, which encouraged the director of counseling, Jeanne Simmons, to bring up this idea to the administrative team in charge of graduation.

“The idea is to formally recognize our top 10 percent of kids,” Principal Dr. Rony Ortega said. “We thought it would look great for our kids to have gold robes and be recognized that way.”

After the seventh semester, or January of their senior year, the top ten percent will be identified. They will not only get a gold gown and cap instead of green, but they will also be seated before everyone else at the graduation ceremony in May.

“I’m excited about this and this is going to be cool and something new for the school,” Ortega said. “My passion, my desire is to recognize good kids because then other kids aspire to be that.”

Many students in the top 10 percent are also excited for this. They appreciate the different things Dr. Ortega is doing to recognize their hard work.

“The gold robes make me feel that the sleepless nights and stressful days many of us fought through for high grades are being rewarded,” valedictorian senior Veronica Nicole Alonso said.

Finishing details are being finalized for the graduation ceremony on May 20 at the Baxter Arena. Students and staff are looking forward to this new tradition.