Anxiety relief

Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty tops other fidgeting devices

Keyana Burries, Editor-in-Chief

Cracking under the pressure happens to the best of us. Finding something to help prevent that from happening can be difficult, slimes are messy and fidget spinners make annoying noises, so they are no help.

Something that’s helped me tackle big issues while still being productive and not breaking down from my anxiety is Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty.

My anxiety gets really bad whenever I have big deadlines. I tried to play with slimes and fidget cubes to help ease my worries but I often found myself making a mess leaving bits of slime everywhere and having it to stick to my fingers. Then with fidget cubes I easily get lost in the noise of all the buttons.

This is why Aaron’s came out on top for an anxiety relief tool, they have many beneficial factors, such as the sizes of their putty. They have anywhere from a gigantic one pound container of putty to tiny ones that clip to people’s bags or lanyards. This adds a huge convenience factor, they can fit in anything which is nice because anxiety can hit at any moment.

While they do vary in size they also vary in formula. The nice thing is it’s clearly labeled on their website what formula it is, so people will know exactly what to expect. Some formulas are better than others, the more matte ones are the best because they are more smooth feeling and pleasing to touch.

A plus with Aaron’s is that their putty doesn’t dry out, so if anyone accidentally leaves their putty open it will be fine the next morning.
After I knew all these perks it convinced me to finally buy some, along with the fact I heard nothing but amazing things about Aaron’s from the people around me. At first I just thought it was a new slime brand that came out with one good product and the rest would never compare, I was wrong.

Now I carry their putty on me almost always. Whenever I have to sit through boring lectures or days of presentations at school, having the putty with me makes it so much better. I’m still being respectful by paying attention to what the presenter is saying but I still have something to keep my hands active while my brain focuses on the information being given.

This also goes for social situations. I truly hate anything that involves a lot of people, parties aren’t my favorite thing. Being able to carry my putty with me when I’m overwhelmed in these situations helps me greatly. It never exposes my true discomfort when I’m there, I can just pass it off as I was bored or I simply just find it fascinating to play with.

There is a fun and comforting factor to them. People are able to put all their stress into this one item. They can manipulate it in any way. They can make pictures with the putty or draw on them if it’s a phantom one.

This putty has really changed my life. It’s helped me find ease in many situations when normally I would have to just talk myself down and take a moment. It’s made my life easier because now when I even get slightly overwhelmed I can start fiddling with it and feel the smooth texture between my fingers and instantly have my mind at ease, twirling it up into a big tower just to hear the satisfying snapping when I mash it all together again.

Aaron’s took it to another level with their products, I mean how many magnetic slimes can people find that aren’t overly expensive. They have changed the game of putties but they also changed the game of anxiety relief tools.