Three Netflix shows to watch while social distancing

Alice Ortiz-Pacheco, Guest Reporter


Where to watch: Netflix

Arrow is a DC show that began to air on Oct. 12, 2012. A rich teenage boy named Oliver Queen goes on a yacht with his father, in the middle of the ocean, the yacht sank due to an explosion influenced to sabotage. Oliver survives alone and is stranded on an island for five years encountering extreme torture, betrayal, and many more things with the addition of being able to enhance his skills using a bow and become stronger as a whole. On the island, he finds a list of the names of the people who is contracted with his father in a small booklet he took from him. Oliver takes the list as a Target list of all the people he has to bring to “justice”. He took the list and swore in the name of his father to bring every person in the list to Justice in thoughts of it being his father’s will. Once Oliver finds his way back to the city after presumed dead, he becomes the famous survivor that came back to comfort his family. Be he had his own title in mind, the one who came back to avenge his father. Oliver is soon to be known as the vigilante because of his violent way of getting answers from people and way of getting the job done. But later after, he soon refers to himself as, The Arrow.

This show is highly recommended if you like a bit of mystery mixed in with a lot of action, and a touch of romance. Its concept of revealing what happened on the island during the five years he was presumed dead, in between episodes will capture your attention and make you want to know what happens next. You’ll either want to know what happened in those five years, or your attention will be caught into the present story line that shows what the actions of the Arrow will become of his destiny. Take a shot, even if the genres listed aren’t your thing, it’s still intriguing to watch. Although, a little warning, the show can show a lot of violence, so it isn’t recommended to your 10-year-old or younger sibling, or anyone who is around that age to be exact.


Train to Busan

Where to watch: Netflix

Train to Busan is a Korean action horror movie about an outbreak going on in the province of South Korea. This movie is mainly about a little girl named Su-an Kim who wanted nothing more than to see her mother in Busan on her birthday. Su-an’s father decided to take her to her ex-wife early in the morning on after her birthday. They take a train consisting hundreds of passengers to Busan. Just as the doors to the train we’re about to close, a very ill looking woman finds her way onto the train. Soon enough, the woman begins to have seizures and after that, found dead. A hostess of the train ran to her side to see if she was okay, but as soon as she turned her back, the woman presumed dead turned into the undead and bit the hostess. From there, you could imagine how most people died on that train. Su-an, her father, and a few others struggle to stay alive.

This movie is also recommended, it has subtitles but if you’re not bothered by them, then everything should

be fine. There are way more explicit details that could’ve been provided, but the best parts of the movie should be left to how you react. If you’re a sensitive person, this will leave you in tears at the end of the movie. Don’t judge the movie for who it’s acted by or how it’s foreign, give it a try.



Where to watch: Netflix

Maid Sama is an anime that began to air April 2, 2010. It is about a teenage girl named Misaki who becomes student council president of an ex-all boys high school. She does her best to discipline the many boys in this high school so that girls can feel comfortable and be more welcomed to join the school. But a boy named Usui decides to mess around with Misaki for a while before they begin to catch feelings for each other. Misaki has a stubborn and fierce personality, so it’s a bit rare to see her feminine side. But she has one when it comes to her secret job as a maid in a maid café.

Misaki does her best to keep the boys in the school in their place, but it shows that she really cares. This anime series is a great romance story for those who have a soft spot for the clichés or the silly romance couples who feel in love due to one’s true self behind their perverted actions. This anime is definitely an intriguing one to watch.