Three shows to kill time during pandemic

Amber Roth, Copy Editor

Criminal Minds

Where to watch: Netflix and CBS

This thrilling FBI show is sure to keep you entertained during quarantine. Criminal Minds follows the lives of a group of FBI agents who work for the Behavior Analysis Unit (BAU) that helps catch serial killers, rapists, kidnappers, etc. This show has a little bit of everything including romance, drama, and a whole lot of action. The show will keep you plenty busy while at home because there are 15 seasons, although the last three aren’t out on Netflix yet.

Seoul Searching

Where to watch: Netflix

Based off true stories, a group of Korean teenagers who grew up outside of South Korea attend a summer camp in Seoul during the 80s in order to learn more about their heritage. This movie explores many different topics teens of this generation face including racism, depression, identity and love. As long as you don’t mind reading a few subtitles here and there, this movie is a great choice for anyone who wants to have a good laugh or have a good cry while they are stuck inside.

The Letter for the King

Where to watch: Netflix

 A prophecy foretold the coming of a hero that will stop the darkness from taking over, and that time has come. Follow 15 year-old Tiuri on his quest to deliver a letter to the king of Unauwen in order to save the two kingdoms, Daganaut and Unauwen, from an all-out war at the hands of the king’s second son. Mixed in with the adventure and magic of this amazing show is friendship betrayal, revenge, and romance. This show is perfect for anyone who loves medieval, magic, or action shows with unexpected plot twists. Although you might want to have a back-up show in mind, because this show only has six episodes.