Proper LGBTQ+ representation needed in shows

Lia Becker , Reporter

Netflix has cancelled 19 of its original shows, leaving shows on cliffhangers and viewers confused and frustrated.

The popular streaming service is notorious for having shorter shows in abundance to manage their want for variety and money, only keeping shows alive when they go mainstream. With COVID-19 at the heart of the decision, both “I Am Not Okay With This” and “The Society” were discontinued.

Both shows feature LGBTQ+ characters, which has made LGBTQ+ viewers upset because it’s important to see proper inclusivity, and it’s sad to see that taken away.

Shows often misrepresent sexuality and gender identity. A gay character is added as a joke or an afterthought that sooner or later makes a statement about their struggles, which falls flat.

An example of  this is Kevin Keller from “Riverdale.” The writers acknowledge his role as the gay best friend but don’t use it in a constructive way, he’s conveniently there and conveniently gay. It’s bad writing and bad representation and overall boring, which is infuriating.

In “I am Not Okay With This”, I love the way they portray the main character, Sydney. Her whole struggle with her sexuality adds to her story instead of just seeming like an afterthought.

In the end, fans often can’t bring their Netflix show back; I just hope someday we’ll have more realistic LGBTQ+ characters, because I want to feel seen.