The show must go on

Drama department moves fall play online


Jodi Hazuka

Using Flipgrid to complete his audition in his room Senior Richard O’Connor auditions for any role for the school’s fall play “The Ghost of Moments” on Oct. 2, using a monologue he chose.

Dallanara Sibrian Miranda, Reporter

 To avoid spreading droplets, germs and illness, if they were to perform on stage and project their voices, the drama department is producing their fall play, “The Ghost Moments,” virtually. It will stream Nov. 20-22 online, pending school board approval. 

The play is about ghosts and how everyone has ghosts that haunt them whether that’s a real spirit or an imaginary one. The characters must decide whether to run away from the ghosts or hunt them down.

“I’m excited for my roles because it’s a big change from freshman year,” sophomore Austin Diep said. “I only had a few lines and now I am a lead which is scary but also exciting.”

Tickets will be available virtually, at Once purchased, a link will be give to watch the show. Tickets for the show will be $5 for an individual streaming ticket and $15 for a family streaming ticket, which is for more than three people.

“If we can’t do the show virtually, my current backup plan is to perform outside in the grassy area next to the softball field,” Drama teacher Jodi Hazuka said. “It would kind of be like Shakespeare on the Green. People could bring blankets or chairs to sit and watch the show.”

The cast list for the show consists of nine actors playing a total of 14 different characters. The show is monologue and short story based so there are no lead parts. However, the majority of the actors have been involved in drama for several years. They are joined by first year actors, freshmen Olivia Wallace and Kristy Stranghoener.