Senior starts own dessert business, learns to balance work and school


Courtesy of Zulema Tapia Silva

Assorted strawberries covered in cookies and cream chunks, peanuts and coconut shavings. They are $35 for the set.

Victoria Besta , Reporter

From selling breakable chocolate hearts to decorating chocolate covered strawberries, senior Zulema Tapia Silva started a business by selling her delicious treats.

Tapia Silva  kick started Silva’s Sweetz  on Feb. 19, 2020. She enjoyed creating delicious desserts.

“I started my business for fun,” she said. “It started as a hobby and then my mom suggested I start selling desserts since I enjoyed it so much, I took her advice.”

Tapia Silva is passionate and plans to further her baking expertise . Her business is preparing herself for her future career .

“I plan on getting my culinary degree so maybe I can open a restaurant or bakery,” she said.

Starting a business was not always sunshine and flowers for Tapia Silva . She faced numerous challenges when it came to booking clients or simply staying on her schedule.

“It can be very difficult because I am a full-time student and I look after my siblings,” she said.

Tapia Silva finds creating desserts rewarding because it is something she made herself. Her designs vary, plus she accepts special request from customers.

“My absolute favorite item to make is breakable hearts,” she said. “I do them mostly for gender reveals and other functions”.

Tapia Silva benefits  from being her own boss.

“I appreciate the fact that I get to make my own schedule,” she said. “I mostly work every day, but I’ll take a week to run errands and gather supplies for upcoming orders”.

Tapia Silva tries to not get overwhelmed because she juggles school, her business and a part time job.

“I can say I do get stressed when I start running out of boxes and crinkle paper because if the product is not online then it is painfully hard to find in stores,” she said.

Tapia Silva discovered her calling and has been successful with  her products.

“Advice I would give to someone wanting to start a business is don’t be afraid to try,” she said. “It will be challenging at first but is it so worth it, especially if you love doing  ”.