Area malls to be redeveloped

Concept rendering of various retailers, restaurants, housing, office spaces and a hotel at The Crossroads Development at 72nd and Dodge St. The existing mall will be demolished later this month.

Justin Diep, Copy Editor

If one were to walk through Crossroads or Oak View Malls to purchase gifts, they may walk out empty handed, having wasted a trip. To combat that, the owners of both malls are planning for future redevelopments.

Demolition of the Crossroads Mall area started in October to make way for a redevelopment on the 40-acre lot. Demolition of the mall itself is planned to start this month, except the Target and parking garage which will stay for the development. Century Development and Lockwood Development oversee this project and are expecting to complete it by summer of 2024.

“I have great confidence with this project, our partnership and in Omaha’s economy,” Stothert said. “Chip will deliver a spectacular development at this true crossroads of our city.”

The plan will turn the space into a variety of mixed-use facilities. The press release from Lockwood states that 350,000 square feet of retail, dining and entertainment, 250 apartment residences, up to 500,000 square feet of office space and senior living along with a 150-room hotel will be in this development. Many brands have shown interest in having a location in this area, but it is too early to tell until contracts are signed.

“We wanted to feel there is something for everyone in Omaha, so we want to live, work and play here,” President of Lockwood Development Chip James said.

Past protests at 72nd and Dodge show this area of the city is still as relevant to the Omaha area today as it was in the past 60 years since Crossroads Mall opened.

“We go there to celebrate national championships, we go there to demonstrate, we go there to mourn,” James said. “What that tells me is the heart of the city is still sitting there.”

The cost of this project is estimated to be at least half a billion dollars. The city will use $12.5 million in redevelopment bonds.       “It is in dire need of redevelopment,” Stothert said. “If the city can make it happen by putting in $12.5 million of redevelopment bonds, that is a good investment for the city.”

Oak View Mall was put up for sale by its owner Nuveen, but a price has not been announced yet. Nuveen nor the company that manages Oak View, CBRE, retuned the request for comment.

The closure of AMC Oakview along with many other businesses show that this area is in dire need of revival. However, any new owner of the mall would have full decision on what happens to the property.

“It’s a good idea [Oak View Development] since I barely see anyone there anymore,” sophomore Ana Maria Funes said. “The extra space could be used for something for the community.”