Teams cut due to lack of participants

Victoria Besta, Reporter

Numerous athletes, coaches and parents have concerns involving how the lack of participation will affect winter sports. Protocols are being heavily enforced to ensure safety throughout all ongoing sports and encouraging athletes to stay positive. Despite the forced regulations due to the pandemic, sports teams have made some optional changes to keep sports running smoothly.

Wrestling fortunately continues to have Varsity and Junior Varsity this season. Coach Jason Susnjar is excited that the athletes get a winter season. Susnjar prides himself on keeping his wrestlers motivated by having a moto.

Swimming numbers usually range from 30-50 swimmers each year but this year there are only three swimmers. First year Coach Jesse Ruiz is excited to get to know about swimming but understands there are challenges.

“Personally, I do have worries” Ruzi said. “ because swimming is in door which means low ventilation sport” he said.

Omaha public schools announced that only two  family members per athlete for games. COVID-19 test will not be forced on athletes. Athletic Director Ryan Murtagh has concern about sports and the changes to come.

“We hope” Murtagh said.   “We hope families will take advantage of our piolet program with UMNC to get their sons and daughters tested, we cannot make anyone get tested” he said.