Girls to rebuild program, culture


Raquel Burton

During the varsity girls basketball game against Central, junior point guard Stephany Hernandez hustles down the court to make a point.

Dallanara Sibrian Miranda, Reporter

Due to many challenges including injured players, academic eligibility amongst other things, the girls basketball team has struggled with rebuilding the season after the damage done by COVID-19.
Even though Mitchell tried to have the girls’ basketball team last year, the season ended up being cancelled anyway due to COVID-19, which had a big impact on the team.
“Being committed to the change is a heavy time investment,” head girls basketball coach Nicole Mitchell said. “Many of the girls had to personally decide if they were willing to invest their time and commit to changing the culture.”
Mitchell worked hard this year to recruit players, from making phone calls to freshman girls who were interested in basketball to having an open house Mitchell plans to continue to build and maintain relationships within the school and throughout the Omaha community.
“One thing I am seeing and hearing are the girls building a sisterhood and having fun learning and playing basketball with their sisters,” Mitchell said. “We are young and hungry with the heart to compete and grow.”
When asked why she felt it was important to build back she said that it was simple because no players equal no program and that “Bryan Athletics need new life”. Even though scores have been rough, the girls have been creating team bonds.
“No matter how the season is going I always strive to get better,” junior point guard Stephany Hernandez said. “It’s not about the wins or losses. There’s always time to improve their game. It’s all about who has the most heart out there on the court.”