Last minute holiday shopping tips


Adriana Valadez Cue, Reporter

Holiday shopping can be an absolute nightmare, especially with the inflation rates raising prices and certain gift items being harder to find on store shelves.
According to Trading Economics, an organization that provides information on historical data and forecasts for more than 20 million economic indicators, exchange rates, stock market indexes, government bond yields and commodity prices, the inflation rate in the US accelerated to 6.8% in November, the highest since June of 1982.
To help combat that, there are a few things consumers can do to still obtain their loved ones’ gifts without breaking the bank and without having to waste time going from store to store.
The first way to save money is to look at ads for different stores. Most stores have their ads readily available online. Look to see what is discounted or on sale. Many stores offer buy one get one half off sales or other incentives to save money.
Time is also something people are short of this season. Instead of spontaneously trying to zip to a store to get a new gaming console like the highly sought after XBox Series X, Playstation 5 or Nintendo Switch, consumers should do their research first. Calling a store in the early morning hours and asking if they received a shipment of the desired item can save time and energy. It’s also a good idea to do this for other electronic items that are selling out fast like Google Homes, Amazon Alexas and AirPods,
Seeing as how quickly stock has been selling out, some stores, like Target, may be able to put a hold on the item for a short time period if called first.
Additionally, making a list beforehand of what one needs or wants to buy for loved ones and sticking to it can help reduce extra spending. Stick to the list and pass up all those extras.