Sending off former Bear alumni and Coach


Ranae Duncan

During the 2021 baseball season, head baseball coach Brian Kottich has a quick pep talk with sophomore Omar Ramirez at first base before he heads out to play defense at a game against Bellevue East.

Olouwatobi Noukpozounkou, Senior Editor

Baseball legend Brian “Cody” Kottich has stepped down from his head baseball coach position and is leaving the education sector.

Kottich has been the head baseball and as­sistant wrestling coach for the past five years. Coming from a history of playing sports at Garden City Community College, Creighton University and even for the Bears from 2006-2010, he even was the Director of Baseball Operations at Creighton. Kottich brought a vast skill set to Bear Country and it will be unfortunate for his athletes to see him go.

“Kottich has helped me to develop into the player that I am,” senior Tobin Wingender said. “Without him who knows what my skill set would be. He has been a role model who has taught me true self confidence no matter the circumstances.”

Coach David Ashby will be stepping in as interim head Baseball coach. Ashby was a former high school baseball player and has been coaching the sport at various levels for the past nine years.

“I think Coach Ashby is a tremendous pick to fill this position,” Kottich said. “He is passionate about anything he does in life and I feel baseball is no different.”

Kottich will miss the impact he had on the stu­dents and the relationships he formed with them and faculty members. He’ll of­ficially be leaving Feb. 25.

“It is kind of a bittersweet feeling leaving,” Kottich said. “I attended school here and came back to try and lead a school that shaped who I am as a person in several different ways.”