New head girls’ varsity soccer coach named


Jocelyn Rodriguez

During soccer conditioning, seniors Diana Reyes and Jesenia Herenandez Ortega get their warm up run in before they start doing their soccer drills.

Olouwatobi Noukpozounkou, Senior Editor

    With two years of previous experience with the girls’ team, Spanish teacher Elias Galvan has been chosen as the new head girls’ soccer coach. 

     Some of Galvan’s goals for the season include taking on grades, making sure the athletes are consistently eligible to play without any roadblocks, along with team culture and having that family type of feel.   

     “We’re trying to do a lot more bonding activities to where we’re interacting with each other more outside of school,” Galvan said. “We plan to implement throughout the season different team activities, whether it be a Saturday afternoon or something. We want to get together outside of this so that we get to know each other, and it starts building that community that we need.” 

     The team has been conditioning since August, they started off with strength training and hitting the gym. Once they returned from break they started doing alternating days of weight training (gym) and conditioning (outdoors). 

     “Nobody is guaranteed a spot,” Galvan said. “We’re coming in with this mentality of it doesn’t matter where you’ve been in the past, it matters what you can do and show us now.” 

     Galvan will have math teacher Megan Streeter as his co-head coach this season and she will also be head JV coach as well, and TDL teacher Chad Pick will be the teams reserve coach.