New Boba Shop Makes its Way to Papillion

Justin Diep and Olivia Wallace

Justin Diep and Olivia Wallace

The popular Asian drink bubble tea, also known as boba, has made its way into the Papillion community. Co-owners Eric Ho, Sandy Nguyen and Harry Ngo opened Sip Cha Papillion after noticing a lack of boba offerings in the area.

“We are traveling all around the world and the United States, we as young people really like bubble teas in general and in our community in Papillion, we don’t have any good boba teas here that’s why I try to open one to introduce all the good flavors to all my American friends and neighborhood,” Ho said.

Papillion is a community the co-owners are a part of and want to continue to grow with. Ho, before opening Sip Cha, owned a few nail salons including Midland Nail and Spa just a few doors down.

“Why in Papillion? Because we live in this area, we love this area, this is our home, we want to be here forever, and this is where we want to grow,” Nguyen said.

Nguyen and Ho believe the quality of their products sets them apart from other boba shops in the Omaha area

“We use premium products straight from Taiwan, high quality tea leaves, everything is top quality,” Nguyen said.

“We make fresh tea brewed fresh every day in a certain time, our milk and product is mostly nondairy so its really safe for everybody,” Ho added.

Like most businesses, Sip Cha faced some problems in part due to the pandemic, but it didn’t stop them from opening

“Construction delay and some of the supply didn’t come in time but I think its time for us to open because we are ready,” Ho said.

For those unfamiliar with the drink, Nguyen, who’s enjoyed the drink since she was a kid, is here to explain

“Bubble tea is an Asian drink, usually made with milk with tea base or can be made with fruit, jam or fruit syrup mixed with tea base,” Nguyen said. “Then it comes with toppings like tapioca jelly pearls, popping boba and pudding and things like that. We have cheese foam as well.”

Feedback from customers so far has been mostly positive. Currently their most popular drinks are the yogurt smoothies.

“I woke up this morning and my friend told me and its so good, you guys should try it,” Jade Lovejoy said. “I got strawberry green tea. You can’t mess up tea.”

“Delicious, I’ve had it before he [Ho] even started the grand opening,” Catherine Stigdon said. “I’ve been seeing it through the whole process so it’s really good.”

Sip Cha is located in Midland Plaza at 302 Olson Dr just off South Washington Street and Highway 370.