Long awaited song has fans craving more from boyband.

Long awaited song has fans craving more from boyband.

Olivia Wallace, Life & Style Editor


After postponing their North America tour and going through some management issues, viral boy band Why Don’t We finally released a single called ‘Just Friends’ on Friday. The single has been talked up as their ‘break-up anthem’, unfortunately that does not sound like it.

Since taking their old management to court, the band has been trying to find a way to release new music for their fans. This single has followed five others and their second studio album.

The song makes me crave more from them; it feels like they didn’t put in their all for the song. This doesn’t make me want to keep listening. This isn’t something that I would have on repeat like others. I would give this song a 4/10, it’s not even worth a five.

Although the song does hit those ‘missing an ex’ emotions, it doesn’t fully connect to the listener who hasn’t gone through that. As someone who did go through that, the song does help me overcome those feelings towards a boy. This song is like someone being friend-zoned but knows deep down the relationship could work.

From following them since their grouping in 2017, I have seen growth with their music, but this song just isn’t where I think it should be. It hits all those feelings about friends with benefits but its not what I would listen to everyday.