Players success on court shines through team’s pandemic losses


Justin Diep

Working together seniors Bryan Benitez and Jack McGill face off against Buena Vista in a doubles match on Aug. 30, 2022.

Devin Henk, Reporter

Number one doubles players seniors Bryan Benitez and Jack McGill played four undefeated matches in a row this season giving hope to the future of the upcoming players. They lost four of their nine matches so far. One match was lost at Papillion La Vista, Elkhorn South, Millard South, Gross and their recent match at Westview last Monday. Their success this year was shown by the amount of teamwork and effort they put into their matches. They were able to win as much as they did because of the bond they created this tennis season.  

“I think it’s amazing as we haven’t had such a good doubles program other than before COVID,” Benitez said. “I feel like it is a result of the strong team bond to continually get better and strive for greatness.” 

The tennis team experienced a major jump in popularity this year, bringing nine new players to the team. The increase brought more knowledge of the sport to more people. 

“I joined because I wasn’t doing any sports and tennis piqued my interest,” sophomore Jan Fernandez said. “Plus it gives me something to do that’s not being at home.” 

The COVID-19 pandemic caused the 2020 tennis season to be canceled and it impacted the team by not being able to recruit players for the following season.  

“We weren’t able to recruit players that year for the following year and usually when you recruit players for one year you are recruiting them for four years especially when you are getting freshman,” Tennis Head Coach Ricardo Hernández said. 

The team made a return last school year but was short on players which meant that the team was unable to form a JV team while having a varsity team. 

Even though the team did not have as many players as they hoped for, their bond grew as they played, and they were able to have a fun time together.  

“The team last year would always give it our best and the teams this year do the same,” senior Pablo Degante said. “Many would see the shortage of players as bad but we all grew a bond that is there till this day” 

Even through their hardships, the team this year feels as if tennis is a welcoming sport that allows people to collaborate and share experiences while having fun.  

“The conditioning made me feel very welcomed, so I decided to stay,” junior Kevin Ruiz said. 

There were enough players to form a JV and varsity team this year unlike last year. Both JV and Varsity teams have done well, and the future players of this sport will have more hope due to the success of the doubles team allowing future players to be inspired to put up a good fight for matches to come. 


*This story has been updated since the original release to correct a name.