“Dahmer- Monster: The Jeffery Dahmer story” added to Netflix’s true crime list, fans expected more

Dahmer- Monster: The Jeffery Dahmer story added to Netflixs true crime list, fans expected more

Olivia Wallace, Managing Editor


After seeing a bunch of TikToks about the show, I caved. It is a bit gruesome; it is not for those with a weak stomach. Ever since watching the show, I keep going back. I want to know all about what he did to those boys, and why he did it.

Since 2015 streaming platforms have been using true crime to lure viewers, and Netflix hit the jackpot. Their newest release of ‘Dahmer- Monster: The Jeffery Dahmer Story’ has climbed to be one of the highest-viewed docudramas on the platform.

The series includes 10 episodes, spanning from the start of his rampage until he was killed in jail. Each episode attempts to feature one of his victims but truly tells the story of how Dahmer drugged them and used them to his advantage. With his failed attempt to make ‘living zombies’ a reality. There was more to his rampage than seven boys.

The show tries to give the viewers a real look into what happened to the boys at the hands of Dahmer. I didn’t like how they left it up to the viewers to imagine what happened next. There is no sugar-coating it, he was truly a monster.

As a true crime lover, this show really disappointed me. All of Dahmer’s victims were not shown and the director didn’t show what truly happened to those boys. There were 14 boys in total and they only highlighted the ‘main ones’ of the case.

Another example that the show is disappointing; the director didn’t get permission or an ‘okay’ from the families. It was like another stab in the heart to those that lost their children to Dahmer.

They did give justice when they showed Dahmer being killed in jail by inmate Christopher Scarver. His death made up for the missing details of his rampage. Everything seemed to be better at the end of the show, from the battle of his brain to his divorced parents to the Oxford Apartments where he did most of his killings, getting demolished.

I wish the show was longer, and a more in-depth look at what happened to those boys. I was searching for more, I wanted more.  I wanted to see what ended up happening to Glenda Cleveland after the news broke. I wanted a most in depth look of his trials. Monsters like Jeffery Dahmer need their whole story shown, not just some of it, like some cover-up.

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