Suicide normalized amongst young people, change is needed

Alondra Soltero Bravo, Reporter

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Suicide- a word most people don’t like mentioning. People would prefer to pretend it’s not a real thing.

Just walking through the hallways at school, you can hear at least one person jokingly say that they’re going to kill themselves. I have said it multiple times. At one point I questioned whether I should actually commit suicide, so now when people joke about it, I feel awkward. Every time I say it, it makes me feel guilty.

I know how it feels to have suicidal thoughts, yet I continue to say it. I went through it, but I don’t think twice when I joke about it. It’s become a habit that I can’t control. It may not seem like a big deal, but it really does trigger people.
Most people wouldn’t think I would have thought this way, but then again, most people expect it to be something that can be noticed just by the appearance of someone.

Suicide is the second leading cause of death in children, teens and young adults. If suicide is such a common thing, why is it that we don’t speak up about it? Why do we continue to joke about wanting to kill ourselves? Sure, there have been shows that have raised awareness, but they overdid it.

“13 Reasons Why” talked about suicide and made people aware, but they portrayed it in a horrible way. Despite good intention, the show made it look like suicide isn’t as terrible as it really is. The show made it seem like people will be blamed for the death of another individual and they deserve to feel bad about themselves.

It shouldn’t be this way. Suicide shouldn’t be a hush hush word or a joke. We shouldn’t be afraid to talk about suicide because it’s a real problem that needs real awareness.

In my house, my parents never talked about it until the day I told my mom how I had been feeling. They didn’t know what to do and started making me feel bad by saying that it affects them, that I shouldn’t think that way and telling me it’s all in my head.
Parents should reach out to their kids in any way possible. Many parents don’t notice their kids are having problems until it’s too late. If anyone has a friend that is dealing with suicidal thoughts, my advice is to speak up. Talk to their parents without being afraid of getting in their business.

While most know that depression is linked to suicide, many don’t know having depression can make normal every day things difficult and hard to manage. People that don’t struggle with it will never understand what it’s like no matter how hard anyone tries to explain it.

If someone struggles with depression, always suggest seeking professional help no matter how much they don’t want it. It can truly help.

Some people say that we’re more sensitive now but its not true. We are just more considerate of everyone. A total of 47,173 people died from suicide in America alone and about one million all around. Suicide has increased 60 percent in the last 45 years according to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Kids ages five to 24 are more likely to commit suicide.

But are we really being sensitive? Or is everyone trying to make excuses for an overlooked issue?

Take action when it comes to suicide. People shouldn’t have to fear what others will think when they say how they feel. Help one another. Think a little more about your words and actions because you don’t know what someone’s situation is.