Musical cast plans events for children

Keyana Burries, Section Editor

 Magic wands and fairy tale endings are what the cast and crew of Cinderella are hoping to achieve with the activities they are holding for kids in the community. There are two different events kids can attend: either the princess and prince party, or the acting camp.       

Both events will include a ticket to see the musical Cinderella.     

“We want to get the little kids hyped about a very iconic story [Cinderella],” junior Shemar Toussaint said.      

The princess and prince party is on Mar. 3 at noon. Kids will get to take photographs with the characters of their choice, make and decorate crafts and they  will receive a light snack. It will cost 20 dollars per child, with a multi kid
discount available.      “A lot of kids don’t experience Disney World or anything like that,” Toussaint said. “By us having the Prince and Cinderella there [at the princess and prince party] it will be making up for that.”       

The acting camp will consist of different acting games, warm ups with the cast of Cinderella before the show and a backstage tour. All the different groups (which will be sorted by age will perform different fairy) tale scenes before or during intermission of the show. The acting camp will be on Mar. 2 and will start at 4 pm for only 25 dollars.     

“It gives kids a chance to see if they like this [theatre],” junior Mariah Grove said. “If they see it from a young age, they’ll be able to know what they want to do.”