Disc golf makes it way to Bear Country

Devin Henk, Reporter

Throwing discs, having fun, and winning awards are ways to describe what the 10 members of the first Bear Disc Golf team did at their most recent and inaugural OPS Disc Golf tournament with Omaha South on April 6. The team competed at Seymour Smith Park and took home the second and third-place awards.  

The team started when students approached English teacher Travis Johnson and expressed their interest in disc golf. The team was founded at the beginning of the school year and went to three tournaments so far, two of which they helped out with and one that they played in.   

“I love the sport,” Johnson said. “I wanted basically to share that with the other students and have them have an opportunity to have as much fun as I’ve been having with it.”  

Playing this sport is easy for the Disc Golf team because they always enjoy it when they are able to help out or practice throwing discs whenever they can.  

“It was fun because I got to throw a disc with some friends and talk about who’s good and who’s terrible,” sophomore Disc Golf member Abram Hardiman said. “I like the opportunity to help with disc golf events like tournaments and have fun.” 

Disc golf is a sport where the main goal is to throw a frisbee disc into a “hole” or basket. Players choose from a variety of discs that are different in their purposes. Scoring is similar to golf where to win the player tries to score with the least amount of throws. Disc golf is not an expensive sport to get into and doesn’t take much equipment and is one of the benefits of playing the sport according to Johnson. 

“The main goal is to have fun,” Johnson said. “If you’re not having fun out there then it is not worth doing. But then the other goal is just continuing to keep on getting better every time you play. It’s a game where you constantly can keep on changing and improving and that’s what one of the most appealing things about it.” 

The winner of the April 6 tournament was supposed to get a trophy, but to increase awareness of the sport, the trophy will be displayed in a trophy cabinet at BHS for the rest of April, and at Omaha South in May.