Legend of Korra disappoints due to lack of connection to Avatar: The Last Airbender

Olouwatobi Noukpozounkou, Section Editor


With the arrival of Avatar: The Last Airbender (ATLA) to Netflix, and its predecessor, The Legend of Korra (LOK), people were excited due to the amount of hype on social media.

ATLA is about Aang who awakes after a 100-year slumber and must master all four elements to defeat the fire nation and stop the war. LOK is about Aang’s successor; Korra and shows how she manages being the avatar and keeping peace in a more advanced world.
ATLA was better because it seems to have been made with an end goal in mind; Aang had to learn how to bend each element and defeat the fire nation. This is evident throughout the whole show. Each season is him trying to master each element.

For LOK, they just came out with a predecessor without thinking of what the main goal the characters would have to follow. With each season there is a new opponent to battle, and with each opens a new problem. While that’s nice because there is no repetitiveness they just don’t go enough in depth.

LOK misses a lot more categories, for example, the avatar state. Korra just didn’t seem to have the same spiritual power Aang had. But then again, the air nation would focus a lot on spirituality unlike the water nation.

The main problem with LOK is that they skipped two generations; when Aang was an adult and when his kids were growing up. That could’ve been two other shows or at least one show. They could’ve made a show that would’ve come before LOK to basically get us prepared for LOK, by showing what Aang and his friends did to keep peace in their world.

Plus, the whole fire nation has barely any appearances throughout the show. Which is kind of upsetting because most viewers would like to know how there are managing after the end of ATLA.

Overall, they should have created a show before LOK explaining what happens at the end of ATLA instead of throwing viewers into an industrialized world of LOK.