Wakanda changes forever with unexpected twist



The Official movie poster of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Adriana Valadez Cue, Section Editor



Black Panther fans were devastated when Chadwick Boseman died in August 2020, and wondered what his death meant for the franchise since the script was written for the second movie. How would they explain his absence? 

The film starts off with a heart-breaking scene of Shuri, played by Letitia Wright,  working through the grief of her brother’s death.  

Then the film moves to the main plot line, the United States government is trying to find vibranium outside of Wakanda to make more powerful weapons needed for the government and any other world powers. But it gives us an introduction of the main enemy Namor, played by Tennoch Huerta. As he is introduced fans may like him at first, but in my opinion, I felt a massive dislike for the character as his method of trying to be civil is not very humane where Namors’s army kills leaving nothing but death in their path compared to the people of Wakanda who aim to kill little as possible. 

After Namor’s introduction is when we finally get to see more of what may be for the future of Wakanda without their protector, the Black Panther. (The country does not feel safe anymore without the Black Panther who was the symbol they look for safety among many generations) as it says the people that the Black Panther was their protector throughout many generations, they don’t feel safe without it anymore. Seen in the first movie Erik Killmonger who fought against King Tchalla burnt all the herbs that gave them the power of the Black Panther leaving them no other method to gain the power of the ancestors. Combined with T’Challas death it leaves no symbol for them to lean on for safety but knowing Shuri she’s going to somehow find a way around that problem. 

The movie overall is so impactful for the Marvel universe, I believe it really shows women’s empowerment with it having a female lead. Stick around for the end credits; it’s a massive teaser that I don’t think anyone saw coming. From a fellow Marvel fan to another I did not expect anything like what was shown but it for sure leaves hopes for the future of the series.  

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